Friday, October 19, 2012

Peacock Feathers - For Your Wedding


Wedding Peacock Feathers

The Peacock Theme for weddings seems to have come on the scene about 6-7 years ago and has been a steadily popular choice for brides every since.  So much so I find myself running into peacock decorations more and more these days.  The peacock is such an elegant bird and it has quite a classy color palate to work with.  Its not your traditional wedding colors, but it still manages to allow you to be creative at the same time.  There is also a chance it could incorporate the brides and the grooms favorite colors. The blues, the greens, the purples, the gold..... beautiful. It also somehow works for several different seasons, not just fall! I wanted to give you all some idea of what you can really do with peacock feathers for your wedding and how creative you can be with them (AND ALSO WHERE TO FIND THEM). 

Simple Peacock Wedding Table Setting 
Peacock Feather Wedding Napkin

Peacock Pom Pom Wedding Ball   

Beautiful Peacock Wedding Cupcakes

Peacock Wedding Shoes

Jennifer Anniston's Engagement Ring - Celebrity Rings

 Second Time May Be The Charm for Jennifer Aniston

Ms. Jennifer Aniston is finally engaged again! I love Jennifer.... and I always felt bad that she seemed to never hold onto a relationship after Brad Pitt. What a relationship to lose! Personally, I think John Mayer really side tracked her from finding another true match! But, alas she is engaged to fiancĂ© Justin Theroux, and he is a real cutie! 

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The 43 year old actress and her 41 year beau still don't have a wedding date set, but the ring is absolutely gorgeous.  Jennifer Aniston's sparkly engagement ring is reported to be about 8 carats. It almost gives me a seashell feel, because of the spiral shape.  Check it out... and tell me what you think!

Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring

 Jennifer Aniston's Engagement ring is so unique.  It features a large diamond in the center of 2 spiral lines of diamonds flowing into the band. I think it suits her quite well! You go girl! 

There are so many celebrities getting engaged this year, like Miley Cyrus. 2013 is going to be BIG for weddings.  I can't wait!

Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and fiancé, Justin Theroux - beautiful picture.

Celebrity Wedding Engagement Rings 

Beach Themed Wedding Invitations  

 Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall/Autumn Wedding Ideas!


Fall Wedding

As we head into the colder seasons... burrrr... often times brides will correlate their themes or wedding colors to fit the season. While I have not always been of fall or autumn wedding colors (or matching my wedding colors to the season at all) as I find them dark and depressing when I think about the dark green, dark brown and black... I am proven wrong once again! I have found some fabulous color combinations and fall weddings I have to share with my busy brides! Check out my finds....hope you enjoy.  Feel free to share what you have done for your fall or autum wedding..... or what colors you think go great together for the season. 

This is a gorgeous fall wedding bouquet.  It features gorgeous luscious fall colors of red, gold, green and even coral. I love this bouquet!
This fall wedding table setting focuses on the various yellow shades that are so common in fall or autumn season.  It is classic and clean.
This fall wedding table centerpiece features fall vegetables... the purple from the eggplant and the dark green from the artichoke paired with candles and white flowers give this fall wedding a romantic and rustic feel. 


This wedding cake and desert table is so unique and fun.... and very fall! It features various red shaded apples decorating the smooth white cake's simple tears. The cake is surrounded by candle apples. I love this idea and it says fall wedding in a great way.
These apple seating cards are perfect for a fall wedding and really say its harvest time as the weather gets cooler.  It is so creative and has an organic feel.  Apples naturally represent fall colors themselves so take advantage of the greens, reds, and yellows to add a splash to your fall wedding!
Those were a few ideas I thought were pretty! The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your fall wedding colors.  Remember....have fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peacock Wedding Centerpieces


Peacock Wedding

As you know from reading my blog, peacocks continue to be all the rage when it comes to wedding decor.  The bird is absolutely beautiful and features beautiful rich colors esp in the blues, greens, and purples, and fuschia!
Peacock Wedding Colorful Centerpiece
 I absolutely love how the gold and vibrant peacock colors enhance each other.  I particularly love the fuchsia napkin and peacock butterfly napkin holder.'


Peacock Feather Wedding Centerpiece

This is a very simple Peacock Wedding Centerpiece.  It features foam balls wrapped in turquoise colored feathers with strategically placed peacock feathers wrapping around the center of each ball.  The fuchsia centered orchids bring in more color and interest.  This could EASILY be a DIY project!

Peacock Wedding Simple Centerpiece
 So cute and so simple.... understated can be just as lovely and a budget friendly alternative.  This centerpiece lets the peacock feathers speak for themselves! Another Peacock Wedding DIY alternative you could add your own twist too!

Its also good to keep in  mind you don't have to go so literal and have peacock feathers everywhere.  Simply bringing out the beautiful colors and layering them on your table-scape does your peacock themed wedding much justice! 

Peacock Themed Wedding featuring blue and gold accents with hydrangea

Peacock Themed Wedding with Blues and Purples
This blue and purple setup is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color blocking and layering.

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

Peacock Themed Wedding Cakes

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes!


Beach Themed Ombre Wedding Cake
Today or tonight I want to talk about Wedding Cakes, Beach Theme Wedding Cakes to be exact! I think I am in a beachy mood because I am home here in Charleston, SC on an island and we will be heading to the beach tomorrow and I am so excited I feel like I have been to this particular beach in a while.  I would love to do a series on beach themed weddings, so look out for that in the future! Well, lets get started.... I have tons of wedding cakes to show you with some fabulous ideas. Keep in mind they are more traditional wedding cakes, but I will have some unique beach themed wedding cakes for you very soon! Hope you enjoy these beach wedding cakes.....makes me so hungry.



Nautical Beach Themed Wedding Cake
 This is a cool and simple beach themed wedding cake.  It features white foundant with blue ribbon lining the bottom or each tier.  It gives me a nautical wedding cake feel.  The white orchirds are a beautiful touch and balance the starfish out beautifully.
This small 2 tiered wedding cake features a seashell mosaic treatment that is simple beautiful. Its classic and sweet.
Beach Themed Suitcase Wedding Cake
This is a fabulously whimsical beach themed wedding cake and I am in love with it.  It features 3 cute square shaped suitcases decorated with seashells and different treasures from the sea!
Blue Beach Themed Wedding Cake with Pearls and Seashells
This cool blue beach themed wedding cake is simple and pretty.  It features clusters of sugar made seashells.  Each of the 3 tiers bottoms are lined with pearls, fitting perfectly into the beach theme.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Celebrity Wedding/Engagement Rings - Miley Cyrus

 Little Miley Cyrus Gets Engaged!

I know I am sooooo late, but today,  The Thursday Celebrity Wedding Engagement Ring features Miley Cyrus.  I wish I had looked more closely at Miley Cyrus' ring when I hears of her engagement, but I saw it today and I just had to post about it.  I am usually a platinum, white gold on diamonds classic ring type girl.  But, this 18 karat cushion cut diamond ring was absolutely stunning.  It almost had an antique feel to it because it is so unique.  Its like old school disney princess to me, and I mean that in a GOOD WAY! It also features a Floral cut pattern on the sides of the band.  Rumored to be 3.5 carats, which is a big stone, but not so big that its tacky or overstated.  Love that.... 

Miley Cyrus Celebrity Engagement Wedding Ring

I know we know here as the peppy little Hannah Montana from the Disney Channel right?! And now she is all grown up and getting married.  Congrats Miley and Liam!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach Themed Wedding - Seating Card Ideas


Beach Themed Weddings are one of my absolutely favorite themes of all time.  I want to get into the details and start a series on beach themed weddings.  Today, I have to share these cute ideas for seating chart ideas.  I found so many different ways to do the seating cards for your wedding.  I wish I had seen some of these ideas when I got married 10 months ago.  Surprisingly, I had the most trouble with the seating cards..... trying to find a cute COST EFFECTIVE way to to do the seating card table that fit in with my overall theme.  I hope you all can use some of these for inspiration.  Feel free to leave a comment on what you did or plan on doing for your wedding.  Hopefully, I will have some DIY projects to share with you all soon! Happy wedding planning! 

 Seashell Beach Themed Wedding -Seating Card

 This is a pretty and elegant way to arrange your seating cards.  These are regular classic bivalve seashells (they are the most commonly seen).  All you need to do is create a small hole in the very tip of the seashell to pull your ribbon threw to secure the actual seating card.  Simple and beautiful!



I absolutely love this idea and surprisingly I have never seen it done.  Its so simple but so creative.  Just make sure to have your names all facing an outward direction so people can fast and easily identify their seating card or seating bottle.  Love this! The names can be handwritten as well for a more romantic and shipwrecked feel. Amazon has some very inexpensive bottles you can use to create this beach themed wedding seating card.

Lets Sail Away! - Paper Boat Beach Themed Wedding Seating Card

 Is this not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen.  They are little paper sail boats with printed guests names on the front end of the boat! Just like a real boat would have its name on the front.  It features accompanying flags with the table number as well.  They are hung up by clothes pins attached to small ropes, which gives it even more of a beach/nautical feel.  How cute.... if you can make a paper boat you can make this! Video Instructions below!!!

Beach Themed Wedding Seating Card Sail Boat Instructions

 Starfish Beach Themed Wedding Seating Card

These star fish are imbedded in sand with an accompanying seating card attached to them with ribbon.  Simple, Easy, Beautiful.  One of my husband's friends got married and this was the method they used... it was really cute!

Compass Beach Themed Wedding Seating "Card"

For the Bride where money is NOT A PROBLEM..... these seating compasses are absolutely gorgeous.  They also act as a fabulous wedding favor.  A little piece of round card is placed with each guests name.  I have also seen these engraved, but this was at a very very small wedding.  Now that would be a keepsake.  This wins points for originality!

 Sand Dollar Beach Themed Wedding -Seating Cards

Sand dollars are one of my favorite beach "items."  I am from a beach city and we were always looking for a whole sand dollar on the beach if we could find it when we were little.  These also act as a great keepsake for your guests.  And you can also hand-write these for a more personal feel!

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