Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach Themed Wedding Invitations!

The last wedding my husband and I went to was a beach themed wedding in North Carolina.  It was so beautiful and "beachy" from the invitations, to the location, to the decor! The invitations really stood out to me. Invitations are so important because they give your guests there first impression or first taste of what your wedding is going to be like.  It can really intrigue them and get them excited about your wedding! Today, I wanted to share some beautiful beach themed invitations that are truly creative. They can be really classy or whimsical. From message in a bottle to starfish in a box... yes starfish in a box! Check it out... love these! 

This is a beautiful and classy ocean themed invitation, still in traditional wedding style with the different RSVP cards, directions and accommodations. The seahorse is a real focal part with its embellishment.

This invitation is intricately detailed with various bands of multiple seashells and a large seashell. The gauzy wrapping around the invitation lends to the beach feel. Simply beautiful.
Serenade Jetty Maldives Beach Wedding -black Personalised Invitation
Serenade Jetty Maldives Beach Wedding -black Personalised Invitation by claire_shearer
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This invitation is a classy tropical beach theme with the beautiful pier stretching out to clear beautiful water.  Perfect for a destination wedding.
I LOVE starfish.  They have to be my favorite sea creature... they are just so beautiful. This invitation comes in a box so the starfish stays intact.  I think invitations that come in boxes really make your guest feel special, but they take a little extra planning to mail. 

PixDezines Seashells/Beach Invitations/DIY
PixDezines Seashells/Beach Invitations/DIY by custom_stationery
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PixDezines Boarding Pass+Beach Wedding Invitations
PixDezines Boarding Pass+Beach Wedding Invitations by custom_stationery
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I absolutely love this Wedding invitation that looks like a ticket! This could be used as a save the date of an invitation.  I love the message in a bottle, treasure map on a deserted island feel of the paper.  And.. of course the starfish. You could do so much with this design!
  My love of starfish continues, but this invitation features many shells.  It looks like you put the beach in a box and delivered it right to your guests! LOVE

PixDezines Starfish/Beach Wedding Invitations
PixDezines Starfish/Beach Wedding Invitations by custom_stationery
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This is actually an invitation someone made themselves from a memory box. It features real shells and sand across the invitation, sort of like a 3D picture. I absolutely love this idea and is a great DIY project.



To give credit where credit is due. This is taken from

She is my new hero. lol

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Starfish Wedding Cake Toppers

There is nothing I love more than a beach themed wedding being from the coast or "The Edge of America" in Charleston, SC. I actually lived on an island in Charleston, so beach themed weddings come very naturally.  I have a love for the ocean since I have been a little girl or a little fishy as my mother would like to call me.  Today, I was inspired by starfish wedding cake toppers for a beach wedding.  Starfish are my favorite sea creature.  Check out these cake toppers below! Feel free to tell me what you think and share your details from your beach or ocean themed wedding! 

These crystal starfish are such beautiful classy options that will really maintain the wedding feel and tie in your beach or ocean theme so nicely.  And they are super sparkly. I love that! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My 2 Wedding Planning Cents



I probably uttered these words about a million times when I was planning my wedding.  I mean I lost my mind! I don't know how I even kept a steady job, (and believe me it sure did suffer).

Today I was just thinking about how much work I put into my wedding.... how much time and effort I spent agonizing and worrying about every single little thing. I got mad at things I wouldn't normally get mad at.... I yelled at people I shouldn't have.... and I cried a In retrospect, as I look back at the 9 months of planning, I wished I hadn't taken everything so seriously. Now don't get me wrong I wanted a pretty wedding and I would do some of the same things, Esp the DIY projects, all over again. But, I would have spent more time with my family.... I would have laughed more... I would have stressed less... and I would have told my fiance' at the time how much I wanted to marry him and loved him. Trust me, relax and breathe.  The things that need to get done will get done.  There are an endless amount of details that you could add to your plate if you planned this wedding over 10 years... and I bet a million dollars they would keep  you busy all 10 years. Look at what you can leave out at times as apposed to what can you ADD. Cus honey you can add a whole lot! lol 

Appreciate the process... have fun with it. Look at it as a bonding opportunity for your family... your best friends.... your future husband and his family if you can. This day is really about your love... 
So don't lose who you are.....  :o)

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Celebrity Wedding Engagement Rings


Celebrity Weddings....The Rocks 

Okay I must admit... I am one of those girls... As soon as I hear "I'm engaged" I wanna see the GOODS.. THE RING! I was browsing through some high profile weddings, and I just kept seeing gorgeous ring after gorgeous ring. The bigger the ring does not necessarily mean the CUTER THE RING! Lets get that one thing straight! I have a few examples of BIG RINGS that are truly over the top but in a tasteful way. Kim, Mariah, Beyonce, and Kate... here's lookin at ya... your left hand anyway!

Ringbox Postage
Ringbox Postage by hallmarkwedding
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I really thought Kim's ring was pretty.  It is HUGE, but I am a fan of solid pieces of rock, more so than A MILLION chips. Too bad it didn't last... whoops!

I am a huge fan of solitary stones, it allows the ring to make a simple yet refined statement.  I do so those chips making up the bad. I'm not the biggest fan of a buncha chips, but this is tastefully done. Love you B! 

Did Nick Cannon really buy you that third world country sitting on your finger Mariah, did he really? lol I am a fan of this sparkly number! Seems like a nice marriage too.... :o) 

I fell in love with Kate's ring. Its not a traditional diamond engagement ring as you can tell.  Its a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  Sapphires are my absolute favorite stone, as well as being my birthstone.  That blue tone is so rich. Love your ring Duchess!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 5 Responsibilities for The Maid of Honor Before the Wedding


Now as a Busy Little Bride, you know how important GOOD HELP can be. It can truly be a lifesaver when things get overwhelming, you need a break, or just need some support! That feeling that someone is with you all way as you embark on the perhaps busiest and stressful months of your life while planning your wedding.

My Personal Experience
I had a maid of honor, who was a family member (who shall remain nameless), that actually didn't turn out to be too helpful to me. She didn't learn how to bustle my dress, throw or attend my bridal shower, help me with invitations, or help me with anything. And that was okay because I still wanted her as my maid of honor. I promise I didn't put any crazy or extraordinary stress on her. But, the morning of my shower she decided she didn't want to be in my wedding anymore.  It was quite devastating and put a damper on my whole day.... but I had my other bridesmaids and my wonderful mother to help cheer me up. I know it put a lot of stress on my mother and other bridesmaids at the last minute because my maid of honor was supposed to be bringing the chicken, and you know CHICKEN is an essential part of any function! My mother rallied, because she is the greatest woman alive, and so did my brother, and it turned out to be the best shower a girl could want! Therefore, I made my brother my Man of Honor... and my best friend my Maid of Honor. I felt so lucky to have them both, and it was probably how it should have been from the start.   

Maid/Man of Honor you are the brides most valuable asset! You're her cosigner...her confidant...her ACE...her number 1! So here is a list of some responsibilities the Maid of Honor traditionally handles.


This can involve quite a lot.  Find out who is invited to the wedding, so they can be invited to the shower.  So, it would help if you had a good handle on her invitation list or even helped her address the invitations. 
I know from personal experience how stressfull this can be.  One thing you cannot do is bustle your own train. I actually had a 12 point bustle, so my Maid of Honor had to be at, at least one of my fitting appointments so the seamstress could explain the bustle to her. It could be super duper simple as some dresses are a 1 point bustle, or more complicated the fluffier the dress. 
Between the dress fittings, the showers, and all the little details... it can be very exhausting trying to inform every member of your wedding party of the upcoming events and various changes.  This is a great way to be of help to the bride. She will love you for being proactive!

 I thought this detail of the wedding was going to be the easiest. BOY WAS I WRONG! This is a great way to see who is on the list so they can be invited to the shower.  Remember, many hands make light work.

Throughout all the ups and downs, its always nice to have somebody to cry to, complain to, vent to.  This is probably your most important job of all.  Remember sometimes just being there and listening is a huge help! 

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