Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes!


Beach Themed Ombre Wedding Cake
Today or tonight I want to talk about Wedding Cakes, Beach Theme Wedding Cakes to be exact! I think I am in a beachy mood because I am home here in Charleston, SC on an island and we will be heading to the beach tomorrow and I am so excited I feel like I have been to this particular beach in a while.  I would love to do a series on beach themed weddings, so look out for that in the future! Well, lets get started.... I have tons of wedding cakes to show you with some fabulous ideas. Keep in mind they are more traditional wedding cakes, but I will have some unique beach themed wedding cakes for you very soon! Hope you enjoy these beach wedding cakes.....makes me so hungry.



Nautical Beach Themed Wedding Cake
 This is a cool and simple beach themed wedding cake.  It features white foundant with blue ribbon lining the bottom or each tier.  It gives me a nautical wedding cake feel.  The white orchirds are a beautiful touch and balance the starfish out beautifully.
This small 2 tiered wedding cake features a seashell mosaic treatment that is simple beautiful. Its classic and sweet.
Beach Themed Suitcase Wedding Cake
This is a fabulously whimsical beach themed wedding cake and I am in love with it.  It features 3 cute square shaped suitcases decorated with seashells and different treasures from the sea!
Blue Beach Themed Wedding Cake with Pearls and Seashells
This cool blue beach themed wedding cake is simple and pretty.  It features clusters of sugar made seashells.  Each of the 3 tiers bottoms are lined with pearls, fitting perfectly into the beach theme.

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