Monday, July 30, 2012

Sylvia Weinstock's Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

I was watching Martha Stewart Reruns featuring Sylvia Weinstock and I just had to see more of her beautiful cakes. 

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When it comes to cakes, Sylvia Weinstock is at the top of her game. AKA ***The Queen of Cakes*** and ***Leonardo da Vinci of Cakes*** She lives up to every bit of her title as you can see in the pictures below.   I am one of her biggest fans, can't you tell! Her cakes are so detailed and gorgeous.  They have a fantasy feel that would take any wedding to the next level.  These cakes cake go for as much as 10,000 and above (I'm thinking 10,000 is on the cheap side). lol I love her signature black frames! Her bakery is located in Manhattan, NY where she works with her husband as her assistant.
This cake is so grand with ivory fondant bursting with various shades of pink roses.  It is surrounded with a round curtain of crystals. Def an elegant design.

This towering wedding cake is all shades of Ivory beauty! It features hand crafted sugar flowers and would be perfect for a winter theme... or any season for that matter it so gorgeous! 

Even though most of the world won't be able to afford a Sylvia Weinstock creation.  There is tons of inspiration to take from such beautiful cakes. I love the naturalness of the sugar flowers and the grand feeling that can be created with many tiers!

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