Monday, July 30, 2012

Sylvia Weinstock's Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

I was watching Martha Stewart Reruns featuring Sylvia Weinstock and I just had to see more of her beautiful cakes. 

Cupcakes - The New DIY Wedding Cake Wedding Planning- Beautiful Wedding Cakes
When it comes to cakes, Sylvia Weinstock is at the top of her game. AKA ***The Queen of Cakes*** and ***Leonardo da Vinci of Cakes*** She lives up to every bit of her title as you can see in the pictures below.   I am one of her biggest fans, can't you tell! Her cakes are so detailed and gorgeous.  They have a fantasy feel that would take any wedding to the next level.  These cakes cake go for as much as 10,000 and above (I'm thinking 10,000 is on the cheap side). lol I love her signature black frames! Her bakery is located in Manhattan, NY where she works with her husband as her assistant.
This cake is so grand with ivory fondant bursting with various shades of pink roses.  It is surrounded with a round curtain of crystals. Def an elegant design.

This towering wedding cake is all shades of Ivory beauty! It features hand crafted sugar flowers and would be perfect for a winter theme... or any season for that matter it so gorgeous! 

Even though most of the world won't be able to afford a Sylvia Weinstock creation.  There is tons of inspiration to take from such beautiful cakes. I love the naturalness of the sugar flowers and the grand feeling that can be created with many tiers!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fabulous Affordable Bridal Headpieces

When I was looking for jewelry for the big day I wanted a statement piece to wear in my hair, but not something that was too overwhelming.  As I was looking, I found the prices on the pieces I really wanted to be out of this world.... some more than my dress! So I began my research.

Of course the first place I looked was online. I was running into cheap looking jewelry and even cheaper looking head pieces.  I was really set on not wanting to wear a veil (I just think it looked silly on me, but they look gorgeous on others!) So, I wanted something that was big and sparkly that would also match the rest of my jewelry.  I found this floral head piece (in the picture below). I fell in love with it.  My hair style was super simple (although not what I wanted, but we won't go there today!) lol. ANYWHO, the piece actually contained 2 combs so the whole weight of the piece wouldn't sit and pull just on one section of your head or hair.  I thought that was genius, because it really was heavier than I thought it was going to be. I couldn't take a headache on top of usual wedding stress! You all know what I mean I am sure! Be sure to get the correct measurements of the hair comb, so you can plan your hairstyle accordingly.  Every head shape is different and some can puller off a bigger piece than others.  I have a smaller head, so that was so important me!

Needless to say, it was my absolute favorite piece I was wearing on my big day. I am considering keeping it for my daughter (if I should be so lucky to ever have one), although she will probably get married in a black mini-skirt in Vegas to somebody named Rico that neither me nor her father approves of . lol

A great place to find multiple vendors selling these sparkly hair combs is Amazon. They have some great affordable pieces.  I have found some and listed them below, so be sure to check them out... and do your research ladies.  You don't have to settle for whats in the bridal shop.  There is somebody somewhere making exactly what you want for the big day at the price you need! I can't wait to talk about different hair styles to wear with these sparkly hair combs! I wish I had done more research before I got married, but such is life! Stay tuned.

Wedding Planning- Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peacock Themed Wedding Cakes!


Peacock Cake and Cupcake Hybrid 
This famous bird has become quite famous in the recent years as the star of the Wedding.  It is a beautiful bird with its lustrous and beautiful feathers in shades of turquoise, blue, green, teal and gold. These make for lovely wedding colors. What a bold statement, not only featuring the feathers but the whole bird as well I was first inspired by this hybrid cupcake/wedding cake when I was researching a classy and fabulous way to incorporate cupcakes into wedding receptions. Cupcakes-The-New-Wedding-Cake. There are so many creative ways to play with the design of the feathers and even create a more cost effective wedding cake! Lets take a look as more Peacock inspiration shall we.... 
This beautiful cake truly highlights the details of the feathers and how beautiful they are.  Pulling that blue directly into the color of the cake is gorgeous (this blue is one of my absolute favorite colors).

This cake also highlights the peacock feathers, but nods more towards the the traditional wedding cake with its iridescent light gold fondant and pearl beading.  
Ivory Peacock Cake
This cake is special.  They incorporated the beautiful Peacock bird (flawlessly created by the way) and still kept more the traditional wedding cake colors of Ivory and Pink.  This was done by a very skilled baker. 

Peacock Dream

I have to say this cake is one of my absolute favorites.  It is so whimsical and inspired by the peacock without screaming peacock.  It looks like a water color painting and is almost dream like. The colors are so beautiful and its SPARKLY!!! I'm a girl that loves anything that sparkles, twinkles, or shines.

Well I hope you got inspired today, as I did. I'm actually thinking of incorporating Peacocks into my bathroom design... that will be another day and another blog. Remember brides.... stay calm and design...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

My Cake

My Hombre Wedding Cake
When I was planning my wedding, the cake was not at the top of my list of "important things," contrary to my fiancee's (now husband) opinion. He was more so concerned about the cake flavors than the look of the cake to be fair. But, as I was reading and watching nothing but wedding shows and magazines, I started to notice how beautiful wedding cakes can really be. From simple to intricately designed, there are so many lovely ways to design your wedding cake for your special day. As you can see in the picture above, I kept my wedding cake very simple. The hombre effect of the multicolored pink roses mimicked the shades of pink I had throughout my decor. There aren't too many bells and whistles but I felt it fit my personality and I loved it!  

Gold Lace 4 Tier Cake

Trying to find or design the right wedding cake for your big day can see like a huge task. You want something that reflects your personality but is also aesthetically pleasing to others. Staying true to who you are is most important on your big day. Remember, there is beauty and inspiration all around you......and HAVE FUN!!! Check out Other Beautiful Wedding Cakes!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cupcakes - The New DIY Wedding Cake


This new hot trend is really picking up in popularity these days! Brides are going for the cute and nontraditional cupcake versus a traditional wedding cake. Now, I must admit when i first saw this idea at a wedding I attended a few years ago, I was not a huge fan. It almost gave me a kids birthday party type feel. But, like anything, there is a right way and a CUTE WAY to do almost everything.
You can get super creative decorating your cupcakes, maybe even more so than just one big cake. Each cupcake could be different to incorporate your theme. There is also no cutting or mess involved, just throw away the wrapper when your done. Its can also be a DIY project with a little time, practice, and patience.