Friday, September 7, 2012

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

As peacocks continue to be all the rage.... I wanted to show you some pretty peacock invitations! As we already know, invitations give your guests their first taste and experience of what your wedding is going to be like.  They can raise interest and heighten expectations, making your wedding a MUST ATTEND event.  Check out some gorgeous peacock wedding invitations below.  I have so many fabulous examples.... so get your inspirational juices flowing ladies!

This peacock inspired wedding invitation features a elegant single peacock feather with an accented blue bow a shade or 2 lighter than the blue in the peacock feather.... the colors play well off each other.  The whole peacock feather and over-sized bow gives a rich look to this invitation.

This peacock wedding invitation features a peacock designed paper tacked on black card-stock.  This is a smart looking invitation and the turquoise bow adds that wedding feel.  This could be easily looked at as a DIY wedding invitation project!

This fabulous wedding invitation features a large peacock feather and whole peacock design on the card itself.  There is also a light turquoise band  holding the peacock feather in place.  I love the wax stamped emblem! Isn't that unique...hmmm I am getting some ideas.

This wedding invitatio features a whole peacock in all its glory. Its simple but elegant!

This peacock inspired wedding invitation and RSVP card is colorful and def brings out the brilliance of the peacock.  I love the floral detail and the peacock in all its glory!

No matter what style you choose, the peacock offers many options in choosing your wedding invitations.  The colors, the elegance of the bird, and the many styles that are available really give this genre of peacocks a place in the wedding business! Hope you enjoyed these selections.  Happy planning!


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    1. Those are beautiful aren't they! They are from an invitation boutique... I do believe they do special orders and are from their peacock theme. Ill leave the information below....