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The Perfect Wedding Dress.........

is different for every bride.  For many brides, your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding.  It is the most personal representation of your style and who you are as a bride.  I went to 4 wedding dress shops before I found the perfect dress, which was actually a dress I tried on at the very first wedding dress shop I went to, but in a different color.  I advise brides to start their wedding dress search as early as they possibly can! It is never too early to start to search or your perfect dress.  Look through magazines, watch TV shows and get a feel of what you want before you go dress shopping.  Have an idea in mind, but also be open to trying different sillhouettes or styles. 

Featured Dress

Monique Luhllier Wedding Dress

This gorgeous Monique Luihllier Wedding Dress is from her 2013 collection.

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