Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peacock Wedding Centerpieces


Peacock Wedding

As you know from reading my blog, peacocks continue to be all the rage when it comes to wedding decor.  The bird is absolutely beautiful and features beautiful rich colors esp in the blues, greens, and purples, and fuschia!
Peacock Wedding Colorful Centerpiece
 I absolutely love how the gold and vibrant peacock colors enhance each other.  I particularly love the fuchsia napkin and peacock butterfly napkin holder.'


Peacock Feather Wedding Centerpiece

This is a very simple Peacock Wedding Centerpiece.  It features foam balls wrapped in turquoise colored feathers with strategically placed peacock feathers wrapping around the center of each ball.  The fuchsia centered orchids bring in more color and interest.  This could EASILY be a DIY project!

Peacock Wedding Simple Centerpiece
 So cute and so simple.... understated can be just as lovely and a budget friendly alternative.  This centerpiece lets the peacock feathers speak for themselves! Another Peacock Wedding DIY alternative you could add your own twist too!

Its also good to keep in  mind you don't have to go so literal and have peacock feathers everywhere.  Simply bringing out the beautiful colors and layering them on your table-scape does your peacock themed wedding much justice! 

Peacock Themed Wedding featuring blue and gold accents with hydrangea

Peacock Themed Wedding with Blues and Purples
This blue and purple setup is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color blocking and layering.

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

Peacock Themed Wedding Cakes

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