Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall/Autumn Wedding Ideas!


Fall Wedding

As we head into the colder seasons... burrrr... often times brides will correlate their themes or wedding colors to fit the season. While I have not always been of fall or autumn wedding colors (or matching my wedding colors to the season at all) as I find them dark and depressing when I think about the dark green, dark brown and black... I am proven wrong once again! I have found some fabulous color combinations and fall weddings I have to share with my busy brides! Check out my finds....hope you enjoy.  Feel free to share what you have done for your fall or autum wedding..... or what colors you think go great together for the season. 

This is a gorgeous fall wedding bouquet.  It features gorgeous luscious fall colors of red, gold, green and even coral. I love this bouquet!
This fall wedding table setting focuses on the various yellow shades that are so common in fall or autumn season.  It is classic and clean.
This fall wedding table centerpiece features fall vegetables... the purple from the eggplant and the dark green from the artichoke paired with candles and white flowers give this fall wedding a romantic and rustic feel. 


This wedding cake and desert table is so unique and fun.... and very fall! It features various red shaded apples decorating the smooth white cake's simple tears. The cake is surrounded by candle apples. I love this idea and it says fall wedding in a great way.
These apple seating cards are perfect for a fall wedding and really say its harvest time as the weather gets cooler.  It is so creative and has an organic feel.  Apples naturally represent fall colors themselves so take advantage of the greens, reds, and yellows to add a splash to your fall wedding!
Those were a few ideas I thought were pretty! The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your fall wedding colors.  Remember....have fun!

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