Sunday, August 5, 2012

My 2 Wedding Planning Cents



I probably uttered these words about a million times when I was planning my wedding.  I mean I lost my mind! I don't know how I even kept a steady job, (and believe me it sure did suffer).

Today I was just thinking about how much work I put into my wedding.... how much time and effort I spent agonizing and worrying about every single little thing. I got mad at things I wouldn't normally get mad at.... I yelled at people I shouldn't have.... and I cried a In retrospect, as I look back at the 9 months of planning, I wished I hadn't taken everything so seriously. Now don't get me wrong I wanted a pretty wedding and I would do some of the same things, Esp the DIY projects, all over again. But, I would have spent more time with my family.... I would have laughed more... I would have stressed less... and I would have told my fiance' at the time how much I wanted to marry him and loved him. Trust me, relax and breathe.  The things that need to get done will get done.  There are an endless amount of details that you could add to your plate if you planned this wedding over 10 years... and I bet a million dollars they would keep  you busy all 10 years. Look at what you can leave out at times as apposed to what can you ADD. Cus honey you can add a whole lot! lol 

Appreciate the process... have fun with it. Look at it as a bonding opportunity for your family... your best friends.... your future husband and his family if you can. This day is really about your love... 
So don't lose who you are.....  :o)

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