Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fabulous Affordable Bridal Headpieces

When I was looking for jewelry for the big day I wanted a statement piece to wear in my hair, but not something that was too overwhelming.  As I was looking, I found the prices on the pieces I really wanted to be out of this world.... some more than my dress! So I began my research.

Of course the first place I looked was online. I was running into cheap looking jewelry and even cheaper looking head pieces.  I was really set on not wanting to wear a veil (I just think it looked silly on me, but they look gorgeous on others!) So, I wanted something that was big and sparkly that would also match the rest of my jewelry.  I found this floral head piece (in the picture below). I fell in love with it.  My hair style was super simple (although not what I wanted, but we won't go there today!) lol. ANYWHO, the piece actually contained 2 combs so the whole weight of the piece wouldn't sit and pull just on one section of your head or hair.  I thought that was genius, because it really was heavier than I thought it was going to be. I couldn't take a headache on top of usual wedding stress! You all know what I mean I am sure! Be sure to get the correct measurements of the hair comb, so you can plan your hairstyle accordingly.  Every head shape is different and some can puller off a bigger piece than others.  I have a smaller head, so that was so important me!

Needless to say, it was my absolute favorite piece I was wearing on my big day. I am considering keeping it for my daughter (if I should be so lucky to ever have one), although she will probably get married in a black mini-skirt in Vegas to somebody named Rico that neither me nor her father approves of . lol

A great place to find multiple vendors selling these sparkly hair combs is Amazon. They have some great affordable pieces.  I have found some and listed them below, so be sure to check them out... and do your research ladies.  You don't have to settle for whats in the bridal shop.  There is somebody somewhere making exactly what you want for the big day at the price you need! I can't wait to talk about different hair styles to wear with these sparkly hair combs! I wish I had done more research before I got married, but such is life! Stay tuned.

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